Euro Basketball TV Timeouts Are Erotic, Very Sadistic



Confession time.

Whatever the hell is going on here during a Euro basketball league TV timeout, we want some – preferably after multiple shots of Jaeger.

Those look like seat belts that have been ripped from a Fiat and turned into some crazy ass Polish cheerleader ritual. It just happens that we were playing some Kraftwerk (we know, German) over the office radio when Big Gay Rich landed these shots from last week’s game pitting Asseco Prokom (in case you were looking to keep track of Duke’s Daniel Ewing) vs. Armani Jeans.

Seriously, the one team is called Armani Jeans.

Anyway, we’ll be cranking ‘The Autobahn’ this afternoon and wondering just what else these sadistic Euro cheerleaders have up their sleeves. Cuffs? Chains? VW hood ornaments on the end of 2-inch thick rope?

Bring it.

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