Cuff 'Em: ESPNer Jamal Anderson Arrested For Coke, Parent Arrested At 10-Year-Old Daughter's Basketball Game, Barkley Hits Links And Miss. St. Tennis Player Tells Story


“Cuff ‘Em” is a daily look at who’s in trouble with the law. It’s our hope to limit this to 5 sports-related morons, but it can be modified at our discretion or if there is a sudden outbreak of superior stupidity.

  • Last night at the clubs didn’t go exactly as planned for ESPNer Jamal Anderson. He was arrested for possessing coke and pot. That would be a felony. Full Story.
  • The guy who was arrested for disorderly conduct at his 10-year-old daughter’s basketball game says it’s all just a misunderstanding. Police say the moron “became upset by some of the calls made by the referee during the game. He said he made some comments to the referee, and was asked to leave the game. He said he left the gym and stood in a hallway because he didn’t want his daughter to think she had been left alone.” Full Story.

  • It seems some teen chicks who were fighting at a basketball game could use Ritalin. One kicked out a police cruiser window. Full Story.
  • With his court date postponed, Charles Barkley does the logical, hits the links. Full Story.
  • The scary story of the British Ole Miss Miss. State tennis player who was wrongfully jailed on rape charges. Guy sleeps with chick and a few hours later is accused of rape. The charges were dropped and he now fears dating. Full Story.