Chris Jericho Goes Smackdown On Canadian Fans

Well, it appears wrestler Chris Jericho will be in the headlines this week for what happened yesterday in a Victoria, BC parking lot.

To the full report from the YouTube video that captures the incident.

so fucking intense, after WWE RAW in victoria.
so i didnt see the begining cause i ran over there, but what happend so people here the right story, (people can comment and add what else happend) a random guy stopped his car, and was spitting on his car and stuff, so jericho gets out and was pretty much just saying fuck off, dont touch my car etc, but i dunno who started it but a fight broke out between them, and then the fans girlfriend was like “dont touch my boyfriend you ass whole and stuff” and she spat on him, so he spat on her back and was going back in his car but then the girl started it again and pushed him and he punched her, and then he drove off. cops came a few minutes later.
what do you expect Chris would have done?

We can’t tell exactly what happens at the 35-second mark. It seems like the chick goes in for a kiss on the cheek and Jericho doesn’t take the affection very well.

Then snap. Jericho is pissed and it’s on.

He’ll probably be sued and dumb broad will get some sort of settlement. Can’t a guy leave a parking lot without morons making it difficult?

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