The Afternoon Dump: 10 Celebrities Who Got Fat, NBA Stars Not Making Money, Kid On Drugs Remix, Bacon On Any Website, Two Blow Up Dolls, Bad Guys In Bed, More News On Phelps


Alright, so let me explain about the picture above. I was walking to one of my classes when I saw this. I don’t know if this is the new style or if this girl is just wearing something ridiculous. I think it looks horrible.

I hate the NBA but ESPN did a good job making the Boston-LA game look good. I mean LA won by 1 point in OT but it was the picture of Kobe against KG. Staring each other down. Actually I lied, it was this photo that did it.

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Afternoon Dump

Top 10 hottest female celebrities who got fat [Manofest]

A look at ESPN’s new school in New York [Blue Monkey Disco Party]

$797,581 is just not enough money for a year [Vent About Sports]

Tony Romo fails to show up for Jessica’s concert [Sports Crackle Pop]

A remix of the kid on drugs [Brahsome]

I wonder what this guy is looking at on Isla [Celebslam]

You can put a piece of bacon on any website you want now [Holy Taco]

Two blow up dolls in a public place = jail [Tasty Booze]

You may want to find out if your on this site [uncoached]

This is a good point on being against make overs [This is Illuminati]

At age 38, Jennifer Connelly is still looking good [on 205th]

Everyone seems to be doing this motion [Co-Ed Magazine]

Monica Hansen looks good when she is stretching [Next Round]

What does it take to steal 50 billion? [Mac Gs World]

Congress has nothing better to do [Epic Carnival]

Phelps is suspended for 3 months? [celebridiot]

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