The Afternoon Dump: Burning A Lake, Morning Hotness, Cookie Monster Has 99 Problems, 28 Days Of Bacon, Weird Game Show, Dogs Cooking


I finally did my first tie today. Yes yes, I know, your probably thinking “wow a 19 year old did his first tie, how pathetic.” Oh it is pathetic, I agree 100% but at least I can do it now. Thank you YouTube.

Purdue picked up the 84th best player yesterday. He is a QB, I think he will be red shirted this year then next year he will play. So his first game will be in the 2010-2011 season.

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Afternoon Dump

The next greatest thing: burning a lake full of water [Co-Ed Magazine]

This is Omega Tau R’s morning hotness [College OTR]

It’s natural to look drugged up in every single picture [Celebslam]

The Cookie Monster has 99 problems [Brahsome]

Scarlett is no longer blonde, strange [on 205th]

28 days full of bacon [Tasty Booze]

This has been up in the past but it never gets old [uncoached]

This is interesting, dogs cooking food [Holy Taco]

The coolest dog ever, he just likes to relax [Next Round]

I just like his name: Boo [Epic Carnival]

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