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The Afternoon Dump: The Next Big Brother, Notre Dame Likes The Soulja Boy, A Real Transformers Trailer, Perfect V-Day, 34 KKK Way To Big

How do you pronounce her name: Nadege.

Purdue lost last night to Ohio State at Ohio State. Notice how I said “Ohio State” and not “The Ohio State.” Purdue has not beaten Ohio State on the road since 1998, apparently it is  Purdue’s little curse.

I think I missed 1 out of 55 on my exam yesterday, so I guess that made up for the game.

If you get bored then you should call this number: 772-257-4498

Phelps says he is sorry at FINA, now the fish man is still a god. ESPN.


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Google is going to be the next Big Brother [MSNBC]

Notre Dame recruits enjoy doing the Soulja Boy [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Tiger Woods is a great golfer but not a great tipper [Sports Crackle Pop]

A Transformers trailer that actually makes sense [Holy Taco]

Some names may not get you far in life [uncoached]

Which one is your favorite commercial? [Tasty Booze]

March yourself down to Dean Danzas’ office [Steady Burn]

How to plan the perfect Valentines Day [Spike]

Paris Hilton got hacked [Celebslam]

I’m sorry but 34 KKK’s are way to big [Brahsome]

It is good to have some facts about Ashley Russell [Next Round]

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