Cassie Keller Celebrates Birthday, Still A 19-Year-Old Naked Playboy Model



We’d love to open up this post with a SFW Playboy shot of Ms. Keller, but BC and the Hef empire don’t exactly get along.

They tried to ruin our asses back in the Fall and we’ve been hesitant to cross paths with them again, so you’ll just have to stand the tame modeling photos of America’s Hottest College Freshman (Central Michigan).

Today is a big day in the life of Cassie Keller. She is now 19 (Feb.4). For those residing within 2 hours of a Candian border know, drinking age!

As a gift to all of her huge fans, we’ve put together a few links to remind you what a 19-year-old naked Playboy model looks like.

We advise not looking at these links when your boss is around unless you want to add to the 11% unemployment rate.

Naked and NSFW: here, here, and here.

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