The Afternoon Dump: 2nd All Time Record, Pamela Anderson Is A Piece of Art, True Reason Why Cardinals Lost, Nationals May Want Manny, No Arm Swimmer

2nd All Time Record, Pamela Anderson Piece of Art, Why Cardinals Lost

She is from South Africa.

It is that time of the month, exam time. I should ace it since I know all of the material.

Did anyone go to Denny’s today? I know I did. Probably one of the smartest things Denny’s could have done, a free Grand Slam. Although there was a line out the door, me and a couple of buddies waited to get in, it only took 45 minutes to wait and eat. Only down fall was the lady charged me more on the tip then what I wrote.

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Afternoon Dump

A 61-point game means you have to get some kind of record [Vent About Sports]

Phelps in Pineapple Express 2 [Cuzoogle]

A little kid all drugged up [Phil Knows Best]

Is Pamela Anderson a piece of art? [Co-Ed Magazine]

Pick the First Lady you think is prettier [Tasty Booze]

This is the real reason why the Cardinals lost [on 205th]

Christian Bale made a new remix [Brahsome]

Cameron Diaz is in a bikini at the beach [Celebslam]

This is one gorgeous lady friend, her name is Michelle Baker [Next Round]

The Nationals want Manny, should he go? [Mr. Irrelevant]

This guy can swim, without arms! [Machochip]

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