NFL TV Screwup History: 18 'N' Up Wet Poons Vs. Heidi Game



Evan Stone stars in his own Super Bowl commercial.

In what will go down as one of the most talked about Super Bowl moments, Comcast in Arizona guaranteed its Google ranking will come in at the top for “Super Bowl Porn” searches.

By now you’ve heard of the incident where a 10-second snippet of 18 ‘N’ Up Wet Poons interrupted Brenda Warner, Larry Fitzgerald and the Arizona Cardinals as they appeared to win Super Bowl 43.

Call it the “Curse Of Evan Stone’s Schlong.”

As the story goes, Arizona loses and Evan’s huge meat becomes a Heidi Game-like moment in NFL TV history.

A look at both….after the jump.


Heidi Game Vs. 18 ‘N’ Up Wet Poons:

Network: Both appeared on NBC : Call it a wash

Movie Synopsis: Heidi was about kids. Same with 18 ‘N’ Up : Call it a wash

Importance Of Game Interruption: Heidi interrupted a late season Raiders-Jets game, which was like interrupting Colts-Patriots today. In other words it would be a national 4 p.m. EST broadcast-type game. Wet Poons interrupted an endzone celebration.

Advantage: Heidi

Stars Of The Show: Jennifer Edwards was Heidi. She went on to such classics as Son of Pink Panther (1993). Evan Stone’s penis was the star of SB 43. He’s appeared in such classics as Space Nuts, Debbie Does Dallas Again, Who’s Nailin Paylin, Hot Sauce and BC favorite MILF Bonanza 4.

Advantage: Stone’s penis

Reactions: So many people called NBC that switchboards ceased and the incident was front-page material for the NY Times. Contrast that with Wet Poons being splashed across blogs such as Deadspin and Fleshbot and Comcast PR reps having to answer why a penis was being flopped around during one of the biggest moments in SB history.

Advantage: Heidi (lack of Internet helped in 1968)

Conclusion: Heidi is still the big winner in NFL TV History screwups.

But this one was close. If Stone’s huge slab of meat would have touched mouth (so says BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich), we’d have a new champion. As it was, Fitzgerald came back to life and saved Comcast from the (what still could be) largest fine ever handed down in FCC history.

Heidi Game [Wikipedia]

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Comcast Sends Hapless PR Flack Into Our Comments Section [Deadspin]


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