Daily Dump: Krupas Vs. Feres, America Builds Snack Stadiums, Alex Boone Back To The Bottle, New Survivor Chicks, Top Ass Of 2009 And Lilly Allen Shows Hers On Stage



It always starts with a simple touch and leads to Maxim spread.

It doesn’t get much worse than turning on the TV last night to see women’s basketball.

True, it’s Pat Summitt screaming at girls, which is always fun, but then that huge chick from Oklahoma shows up backing into the lane.

Channel change.

Then we catch ESPN guys saying who should win Super Bowl 44.

No time to wait?

In basketball news, Kobe had a nice night. He’s pretty good.

One last question: Kansas vs. Baylor is the best Big12 game of the night? Seriously?

Today’s Dump:

America goes nuts building their very own snack stadiums [Holy Taco]

Twins Faceoff: Krupas vs. Feres [Angry T]

Santonio doesn’t even know the name of the trophy Steelers won [Profootballtalk]

Alex Boone seems to be back to drinking, raising hell [TotalProSports]

Yesterday was one of year’s worst sports days – gets better on Feb. 3 [Legend of Cecilio]

NBA Players and Infomercials : They’re both great [Thoughts From The Jockstrap]

What ever happened to Stanley Roberts? HE GOT FAT! [Friends of the Program]


Getting between this kid and his PlayStation isn’t advised [EJB]

A hot chick with a cool job other than modeling [Asylum]

Today’s Tail:

Krista and Kristina will keep your bored ass busy [Coed]

New Survivor chicks to analyze before they get rail thin [Cuzoogle]

You won’t be coaching this sex kitten Natalie [Uncoached]

One of the top asses of 2009 [on205th]

Lilly Allen lets her ass show on stage [The Daily Fix]

Reon is Asian and sports what look to be real boobs [CelebSlam]

10 Hottest Celebrities Sporting Pigtails [Manofest]

Today’s Game: Cheerleader or Porn Star [Liquid Generation]

Jenny with her guns….and we mean guns [Gunaxin]

Yeah, Vanessa didn’t sleep with your loser ass this weekend [NextRound]

Olivia Munn jumps in a giant pie of pudding [Don Chavez]

Craving a hot model who happens to be black – Candace [Flisted]

An appreciation for strawberry blondes: Rachel Nichols [MoonDogSports]

Biggest boobs of MySpace [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Valentine’s Day is coming up and advertising won’t let you forget [Lucky Warrior]

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