Photos Of Tim Tebow And Bikini Chicks


We know women love Tim Tebow.

Hell, certain grown men (like our photo editor Big Gay Rich) would do dirty things to the Heisman stud.

And people want to see Timmy acting like a real human.

We discovered the ‘Tebow holds a baby in the Heisman pose’ photo and that went nuts. That followed the photo of the spiked-hair superstar and the chick with implants hit the Internet and she’s been a legend since.

Even though Tebow acts like the second coming of Jesus Christ, that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy the finer things in life that happen to include women in bikinis.

Our staff has been in search mode over the last few weeks and this is what we found, ‘Tim Tebow Makes Bikini Chicks Smile.’


The guy really is human.

He goes to pool parties and lets the ladies get up against his chiseled frame. Personally, that pool has too many dudes for our liking. You take red bikini out of the equation and it has the makings of a gay pastor’s dream come true.

We like the bottom photo best because we can see the water glisten off his her body.

It’s now very apparent why Tim wouldn’t leave college. God had work for him to do.

Have a photo of yourself in a bikini with Tim Tebow and want to be famous?


She’ll never forget when God’s hand made contact with her wet body.