Lunchtime Lust: Michelle Marsh And Her 32FFs
Michelle Marsh – See more hot womenWe’ve teamed with the folks at Chickipedia to bring you a great way to spend your lunch hour. This waste of time is called “Lunchtime Lust” and will feature a hot chick daily at noon EST.

From The Michelle Marsh File:

Birth Class: ’82

Famous Quote: “Blondes definitely have more fun — if I’m honest, I guess I’m a dirty blonde.”

Assets: 32FFs (natural)

Job: British pin up girl

Known For: Has appeared in just about every important men’s magazine on this planet.

We continue “Busted Coverage Nude Model Week” with busty British bombshell Michelle Marsh. What more can be said about this woman.

Those boobs must be painful.

That is like carrying around a 12-pack on your chest. Get a good look at those puppies and be thankful you are lugging them around.

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