Kansas City Chiefs' Cheerleaders Spend Super Bowl Sunday In Cockpits, Shaking It For U.S. Soldiers In Honduras

Proving that the NFL will not rest in its duties to entertain and give U.S. soldiers much-deserved in person boner material, 5 Kansas City Chiefs‘ cheerleaders sacrificed a nice winter Super Bowl Sunday in the States to visit Honduras.

The ladies were in South (Central) America specifically to be with the boys as they watched the Super Bowl.

In a stunning move, we’re not hearing of any women kicked out of the room, unlike typical men stationed in some suburban 2-story with a man cave.

“Our favorite aspect of touring for the military is talking one-on-one with the troops. We’re really grateful for the chance to thank the men and women who sacrifice so much for our country,” said Elaine Hart, Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader Director.

YES! We get it. The women love the troops. We love the troops. Our neighbor’s dog loves the troops.

But… what exactly are you going to do for the men on the most important Sunday of the year?

How The K.C. Cheerleaders Spent Super Bowl Sunday In Honduras:


7 a.m.: Roll Call


7:15 a.m.: Break off into learning sessions. This is where the Blackhawk pilots tell the women about huge weapons, guided missles, dropping bombs and destroying enemies.

The women are now awake after running hands over real life hottie pilots.


8:45 a.m.: After a debriefing, the ladies are allowed to try on the pilot helmet, which leads to hair being destroyed and a delay in the morning activities as the cheerleaders take a 3 hour ‘mirror’ break.


Noon: With hair now fixed, the women finally feel the power of sitting in the cockpit of a killing machine.


2:19 p.m.: Soldiers somehow talk the cheerleaders into posing with their hoses while wearing the base firefighting gear.Firefighter message boards light up as this photo now goes viral to fire briars.


5:37 p.m.: The cheerleaders are back in uniform as the soldiers get pumped for Super Bowl 43. Being stuck in South America for the Super Bowl might suck but not having to listen to Matt Millen and look at this is a nice trade-off.



5:53 p.m.: You won’t be using the toilet until after the ladies are done performing. Soldiers are advised not to miss a moment of the action.

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