Daily Dump: Michael Phelps Smokes A Bong, Better Super Bowl: Jill Wagner Or Santonio Holmes, Bruce’s Junk In Cameraman’s Face And Beach Bowl

Not the party we were at. [Credit]

To those wondering what’s up with the late Dump this morning, it is simple.

Beer and a long drive. What’s up with rednecks who wave the Red, White and Blue still drinking Bud Light like goddamn fools?

We’re back and must say that the Cardinals didn’t win, which disappointed us, but we had 3-0 in a squares pool for the end of the 1st quarter and that made us very happy.

If Big Ben’s knee doesn’t go down on the 1-inch line, the money isn’t in our pocket.

So it was a very successful SB for the Busted Coverage crew. We get money and avoided a hangover.

Today’s Dump:

> the Super Bowl! Michael Phelps smoking a bong [Coed]

Who had a better day at SB: Jill Wagner or Holmes [Rumors and Rants]

10 inappropriate questions for SB now that game is in books [Five Tool Tool]

One camera guy who’ll never forget Bruce’s junk in his face [World of Isaac]

Is Journey playing pre-SB really Journey without Steve Perry [NFL Juice]

A final wrap up of the Beach Bowl – flag football w/hot chicks [on205th]

This is USC athlete is another great discovery over the weekend [Uncoached]

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