The Afternoon Dump: Beckham Likes To Show His Underwear, Super Bowl Prediction, Drunk Girls, A Water Flying Machine, Ali Lohan Is Getting Older

Beckham Likes To Show  Underwear, Super Bowl Prediction, Drunk Girls

Look at these random pictures.

Iowa let me down last night by not beating Michigan State.

If you are a Illini fan, you should be embarrassed. Your team only scored 36 points, in the whole game! I don’t even remember the last time a high school team did that.

With Illinois lost, it puts Purdue second in the conference. It goes Michigan State then us.

Boiler Up!

Lets go Cards.


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

My life can continue now, Beckham has a new underwear ad [Sports Crackle Pop]

Anyone should be allowed to use the restrooms [Holy Taco]

Well here is a Super Bowl prediction [Tasty Booze]

Some videos of a hottie (NSFW) [on 205th]

Drunk girls. . . . partying [Co-Ed Magazine]

You know your good when a full court shot doesn’t phase you [Brahsome]

She is looking real good, at least she is out and about [Celebslam]

If you wanted to fly from water then here you go [Epic Carnival]

I hope I never do this when I am 77 [Next Round]

D.C. is America’s worst pro sports city [Mr. Irrelevant]

Ali Lohan is growing up fast [Celebridiot]

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