Daily Dump: Babes Of The Super Bowl, 30 Most Absurd SB Prop Bets, Stacey Keibler Says Cards, Nicola McClean Thinks Men Are Tired Of Her Chest And 10 Hottest Lost Chicks


3 more days of avoiding this for the Cardinals and Steelers. No sex until after the game.

Well, it has all come down to this.

We started talking about football back in July/August and culminate with a religious nut QB vs. a plump QB.

Previous loser vs. constant winner.

Maybe some GMs and owners will actually take time to examine what type of team gets to the Super Bowl.

Draft a vaunted defense and get a Larry Fitzgerald clone.

You should be all set.

For those who are in a squares game for the Super Bowl, please root for the game to end with the ‘Burgh sporting a 1 and the Cardinals 4.

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