Huge Super Bowl News! A Steelers-Cardinals Heinz Ketchup Fight Erupts At Waffle House


The Super Bowl bore-fest continues today as not much really happened last night.

P. Diddy showed up to his own party at 1 a.m., stayed a little bit and then called it a night. Some porn star showed up at the event. That was about it.

Contrary to what ESPN, the NFL Network, etc. are telling you, this is a snoozer.

Things are so bad that the best (i.e. craziest) news we could find was something about a ketchup fight at a Waffle House that involved a Cardinals fan spraying the tomato paste on a Steelers’ fan.

Something more interesting than grown men fighting over a football game.

Tampa Bay Online has the messy details and doesn’t name the former Arizona Cardinals‘ player in this report.

“An Arizona fan leapt out of his booth and sprayed a whole bottle of Heinz ketchup on the wildly outnumbered Pittsburgh advocates. It was a spectacular explosion. Splatter covered the walls.

Eventually, the two were separated. A gentle and giant former Arizona player nearby profusely apologized for his friend’s behavior and handed a $100 bill to the spraying victim to pay for dry cleaning – then bought waffles for everyone else. In turn, the victim, smiling, handed the $100 to the unfazed staff at the Waffle House, who squeegeed ketchup from the walls. Things calmed down. Police showed up about 15 minutes later, but no arrests were made…”

At least it was Heinz.

So that is what Super Bowl 43 has come to. A former NFLer making it rain at a Waffle House? That is the best we can do? And people wanted to rip on Detroit for hosting the Super Bowl.

Where is PacMan? Nick Lachey? Kyle Orton?

Strahan? Hilton? Hef? Kendra?

Somebody please make the next 48 hours memorable.

[P. Diddy, A Porn Star And A Ketchup Fight]