Oh, Look, Jenn Sterger With Super Bowl Logo Across Her Huge Implants


Reggie Bush hosted some party last night.

Moves Magazine Party, or something like that. Never heard of it. It isn’t by our shitter so we don’t pay attention to such print media.

Fun was had by all and no one to our knowledge was arrested for weapon violations, the 6-foot rule or drugs of any kind.

In other words, the party sucked. But Jenn Sterger was there and tells The Wingman all about what it takes to get ready for a Super Bowl party.

It’s been a while since this girl has seen a party scene like the one she is fixin’ to encounter for Super Bowl week in Tampa all this week. When you take a years worth of lavish parties and compact them all into the short span of the next 5 days and nights, pacing yourself is everything.

F@ck that. Pacing yourself?

What, are you 35?

Another Sterger SB logo photo after the jump.


You are 25 years old for Christ’s sake.

Start showing off the boobs, put on some skirt and pumps and get freaky with some 6-7 defensive lineman.

You think this career is going to last forever, young lady? This 15-minutes shit should have been up 2 years ago. When you are 30 and living off some dudes inheritance, you’ll look back and wonder why you weren’t pole dancing while Marshall Faulk was watching.

After landing in Tampa around noon, I ran the usual errands that any girl attending an insane amount of parties would do. Men have absolutely no concept of the process we women go through just to get ready for events such as these.

You’re right. We don’t know and don’t even care.

Look hot. Be willing to party.

And all we ask is that you act 25. That means at least 1 or 2 naked photos this week.

Get to it.

[Jenn Sterger Takes Tampa One Day At A Time]