Rick's Cabaret Dancer Says Take Points, Cardinals



We get all sorts of tips every single day.

Many emails are just photos or blog posts. Or even the random PG Porn video.

It is rare when we get insider information like this from the low-lighted depths of strip clubs. And this nugget of dancer info even involves NFL legend Ottis Anderson.

A well placed source, sent the following email transmission:

Ottis Anderson was at the midtown Rick’s Cabaret New York with some friends enjoying the “sights.” He was quite surprised when a stunning dancer named Alondra (36C-24-35, red head) displayed her football knowledge. “I was only 7 years old, but I know that you were Super Bowl 25 MVP.”

What Alondra told Ottis about Super Bowl 43 after the jump.


The two continued to talk football, which is not easy when one of them is taking off her clothes. Alondra said that she had danced for many Giants who frequent the topless club, but Anderson was her first MVP.

Her pick for the game: she told OJ to look for the Cardinals in an upset.

Our source claims the dancers really like Ottis, which would explain why Alondra is giving out such valuable information.

This was all we needed to decide where we’d be placing money on SB 43. When a stripper who looks like she might know more about Mexican soccer than American football starts throwing down her credentials, we listen.

Didn’t a former stripper write the Juno screenplay? That was a winner.

These chicks know things the average moron never picks up on. We wouldn’t be surprised if Alondra breaks down film between pole sessions.

You’ve been watching Merrill Hoge all week and listening to Mark Schlereth rap about the intangibles. Quit fretting.

Alondra says take points and God’s child. Bank it.

[Rick’s Cabaret]

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