Daily Dump: Steelers Roll With Blondes On Both Arms, Simeon Rice Calls Gruden A Scumbag, T.O.’s New Gay Show, Jessica Simpson And Giant Ass Are Competitive Eaters, Beck’s Kicks Pap Ass And Katy Perry’s Lesbian Party



Tiff shows it is possible for women to wear horizontal lines and not look fat.

There is something about The Biggest Loser that makes us keep coming back week after week.

Just when we feel those extra beers lately tasted good and refreshing, it reminds some of us that if our asses ever get TBL worthy, it will be a cold day in hell.

The ultimate insult to injury – having to take off your shirt to show off your massive man cans.

Also caught some Big Ten basketball action. Can that conference get a team to the Elite 8? Michigan State is your only hope.

Still not hearing very much fun news out of Tampa. We need someone to get arrested in a hotel room with hookers and blow.

Lets kick it up a notch, fellas. Drugs, strip clubs, guns. Something.

Today’s Dump:

10 Sexiest Super Bowl Commercial Babes Of All Time [Manofest]

This is how the Steelers roll – blondes on both arms [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Simeon Rice not a big John Gruden fan, calls him scumbag [ProFootballTalk]

9 Possible Names For T.O. New Gay Show [Angry T]

Just how fat is Jessica Simpson – check out this perspective [Derober]

And the Simpson jokes just keep rolling [Flatusyahu]

Speaking of beefy, the Giant Ass & Reggie EATT!!!! [Epic Carnival]

11 Things Sports Bloggers Rooting For During Super Bowl [Five Tool Tool]

Beck’s kicked a paps ass? We’re not buying it [CelebSlam]

Hey, buddy, nice goal – her is a shot to the nuts as congrats [Off The Post]

We’d been wondering what happened to Curtis Borchardt [VentAboutSports]

7 Best Mexican UrbanDictionary.com Entries [Holy Taco]

Dude has the stupid hair going, needs some orange glow [Uncoached]

Today’s Tail:

Um, yeah, UFC chicks are hot and this one is no different [SportsCracklePop]

Even more of Danielle Lloyd in her comfort zone – being naked [on205th]


Gaby Bo for Spanish Maxim [CamelTap]

Megan Fox straps on Guitar Hero, makes geeks fantasy come true [Flisted]

Katy Perry throws lesbian party, pictures to prove it [The Daily Fix]

Jessica Biel takes American ass for a visit to a Mexican beach [Don Chavez]

In case you’ve been craving marginally famous black chicks [HGOM]

Still craving more Sarah Mutch [Double Viking]

You tell us where Joanna Krupa has a flaw [The Beer Goggler]

She’s a New Orleans Saints fan? [Barstool Sports]

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