The Afternoon Dump: 8th Grader Makes All State Team, Buy Drugs, Upset Giant Fan, Kurt Warner’s Show, May Be Little But Still Hurt, A Different Game Show

I like Julia’s dress.

Sorry for not posting a afternoon dump yesterday, I had a lot of homework and studying I had to get done.

House was on last night, looks like House was right once again. Just like always.

It is snowing here, hopefully we get 2 feet so class gets canceled. That won’t happen, we will probably get a inch or so.

No Lingerie Bowl game, wow.

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Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Fred Taylor’s son makes the All-State football team while he is in 8th grade [The World of Isaac]

Help the economy, buy some drugs [Brahsome]

Hilary Duff is probably cheating on her boyfriend, the world is over now [Celebslam]

This Giant’s fan is very upset now [Epic Carnival]

German’s just have skills in life [uncoached]

This is what Kurt Warner’s show would look like [Holy Taco]

This is the truth about this cartoon [This is Illuminati]

Better watch out for this little animal, it may hurt [Tasty Booze]

Well this is a different kind of word to be on a game show [on 2o5th]

You can never look cool on a scooter [Next Round]

Chris is at the Super Bowl [Mr. Irrelevant]

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