Daily Dump: Futbol Shot Kills Pigeon, Sexiest WAGs In World Of Sport, More Jay Glazer Party Action, Super Bowl Strip Club Count, How To Take Leak During SB And Chicks At Mud Festivals

Sara Jean Underwood and guitar

Our SB 43 halftime entertainment – Sara Jean Underwood.

Today is the day you’ve been waiting for – SB Media Day.

A true sign of the economic struggles will be evident by the numbers of morons who were flown in for this stupidity.

From the early reports, we keep reading that this will be one of the lighter media attended SBs in history. But you can be sure at least one idiot will step up and make an ass out of himself/herself.

Inez asking Kurt Warner sex questions? That would be pretty fun since the guy is a salty milk machine. 7 friggin’ kids!

Today’s Dump:

“Dude, did you see that futboler hit that pigeon with that shot” [Dirty Tackle]

Sexiest WAGs in the World of Sport – 2009 [Coed]

The coolest SB party will be wherever Jay Glazer turns up [Don Chavez]

Exactly how many strip clubs are of use for SB 43? [The Big Picture]

SB 43: Which team is more likely to have someone get in trouble [Sports Rubbish]

SB QBs are just like you and I [NextRound]

How to take a leak and never miss a SB snap [Tailgating Ideas]

A huge analysis of the 7th round of NFL Draft [Rumors and Rants]

Where are they now: Erick Barkley [VentAboutSports]

Canada’s gift to American men – The Dance Pak [Cuzoogle]

8 worst types of retail employees [Holy Taco]

Alcohol can improve man’s bedroom performance [Asylum]

Kimmel goes to barbershop to find out how to make fun of Obama [YepYep]

Today’s Tail:

Chicks at mud festivals! [Uncoached]

Your latest Danielle Lloyd photoshoot [CamelTap]

The hottest American Idol contestants – so far [Manofest]

Tommy Lee and Silvstedt’s cannonballs [The Daily Fix]

It’s too bad we’ll never see this chick play lingerie football [Phil Knows Best]

HPOA Eva Padberg turns 29 today [MoonDogSports]

$150 head from a porn star [Flisted]

The Giant Ass goes out for a snack (NSFW Ads) [Dirty Rotten]

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