An Informative Guide To Tampa Strip Clubs For Super Bowl Media Members


Strippers and hookers have this week circled on their schedules.

Same with the media.

It’s not just a work week in Tampa. Just like the NFLers who’ll be blowing off some steam in the Sunshine State, so will the media who’re in town all week covering big, sweaty men.

Because they’ll need something to do after 6 hours of press conferences on nothing, we’ve developed “An Informative Guide To Tampa Strip Clubs For Super Bowl Media Members.”

When you lay down that laptop and put away the pencil, it’s time to use that newspaper stipend wisely.


Be like Urlacher with a stop at the original Hooters. You might meet ‘her.’

• Say you are working on a late breaking Kurt Warner loves God story and decide to stop into the Gold Club for a nice meal and some boobs. Can a stripper can rub her body all over your laptop and help punch some keys? Depends on the club. The 6-foot rule is a rule in Florida.

• Having trouble sleeping at the Hyatt and InDemand sucks. It’s 3:40 a.m. and naked chicks sound fun. Taking a cab to Mons Venus sounds good. The club be open when you arrive at 4:15.

• Prime rib and strip club entrance isn’t possible for under $50

• Rick Fox’s entourage might be partying at Deja Vu this week.

• After a crazy Super Bowl Media Day, it’s possible to walk from Raymond James to the Odyssey club.

• Drink in your room before going to Odyssey. No liquour sales because the women are buck naked.

• Want to wear your NY Times wife beater to the club. Think again. There are some clothing rules.

• Are you an 18-year-old punk who scored a blogging gig for this SB? Bust out that ID and see some naked chicks.

• The “King Midas” package at the Gold Club could run you $20k.

• Heads up on the Mons Venus: full nudity and contact!

• Are you a member of the media who’s into the college chicks? Foxy’s is known to have USF students working their way through college.

• Like to get a couch dance and read ESPN The Magazine at the same time? Foxy’s has a Library Room to make this fantasy come true.

• Need some T&A after an early morning press conference? The Vu will be open until 8 a.m.

Web Site Media Members Will Want To Bookmark This Week:

The Wingman – a blog from

Jail Where You Might End Up:

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Info

Late Night Food Options If Strip Club Buffet Is Closed:

The Egg Platter gets 4.5 stars on City Search.

Where To Eat Wings And Look At Boobs That Aren’t Naked:

The Original Hooters – and calendar chicks will be there all week to sign autographs and take photos that’ll you cherish until next year’s SB.

Yeah, Strip Clubs Are Cool, But I’m Looking For An Escort:

Eros Tampa should have all the info you need. We don’t suggest picking one off a street corner. If really desperate, go down to the hotel bar and keep press credential around your neck.

Where To Find Strippers Who Might Look Like They Are Straight Out Of The 80s:

Thee Dollhouse

dollhouse stripper

Where To Get Tested For An STD In Tampa:

Rapid Testing

Be careful down south, fellas. Bring home the story and not a disease.

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