With Playboy Out Of Super Bowl Picture, Penthouse Poised To Satisfy NFLers Party Needs

Just a heads up to those NFLers going to Tampa for the Super Bowl.

Unlike the past when you had fun with Hef’s stable of white women, the Playboy party has been canceled so you’ll have to plan accordingly.

Yeah, Maxim is on the menu, but even that routine party has become ordinary. May we suggest an alternative to those looking to rise above the pack?

Penthouse: Tampa.

(Ohio’s very own Taya Parker, seen above, is headlining the bash. Yea, Ohio!)

There is no use in partying with some snotty nosed L.A. model when you can spend some bucks and get Florida party girls who happen to get naked and do dirty things in the VIP Room.

Mark it down, folks, the Playboy era is over. Penthouse is here to pick up the slack for NFLers looking to pop wood and pound expensive vodka – by the bottle

Clifford Ray, NBA coach and legend with  Ms. Parker.

In year’s past we’d have to hear all about the Playboy bash and how cool it was to see Hef’s whores (he’d paid ’em, look it up) doing body shots while Jay Z threw down some rhymes.

It’s now Penthouse’s time to shine.

And they are bringing in the hot chicks. Taya Parker is your 2008 Penthouse Pet of the Year and a current talent on Rock of Love. Porn star Shawna Lenee will also be kicking around the party. (Do your own Google Search on this one and make sure the wife/girlfriend isn’t looking.)

Past Penthouse parties have been pretty cool as documented by A.J. Daulerio back in 2007 for Deadspin.

Although not as star-studded as the Maxim Party, the Penthouse Party proved to be more enjoyable, if only for the randomness of its attendees and our interactions with them.

At that party Daulerio had the chance to rub elbows with Matt Geiger. See, dreams do come true at Penthouse parties.

What should set this party apart from all others in 2009 is simple. Nudity. Full blown breasts for NFLers who have struggled through a rough season and now want to make it rain in Tampa.

This year Penthouse will have it’s own official house to party in. It’s a strip club meaning you can satisfy your hunger late by eating off the buffet until 2 a.m. Or if the stripper wear you out anda piece of beef sounds good, they can slap one one the grill for you.

Tickets will be between $25-$50. Even in a down economy, this is a party for the common man.

[Official Taya Parker Site]

Ms. Parker doing acrobatics on Bubba The Love Sponge’s couch for 25 Cent.

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