Hope Jacoby Goes To Court On Trainer Sex Charges, Refuses Comment To Bulldog Reporter



We’ve been waiting patiently over the past two days for Hope Jacoby to break her silence – and it did not happen as the ex-trainer left court this week on charges that she had an underage bang buddy.

Local media, looking towards ratings gold, went after Ms. Jacoby as she left the Orange County Courthouse. When KCAL comes knocking, it’s best to shut your mouth.


Reporter: Is this young man trying to pin something on you that you didn’t do?

Jacoby: (silence)

Reporter: You have nothing to say whatsoever?

Jacoby: (silence)

Obviously warned by her lawyer to keep her mouth shut, Hope goes about her business in those wraparound shades and back to her life on $100,000 bond.

She’ll be back in court Feb. 25 and our calendar is already marked.

[Ex-High School Athletic Trainer Accused Of Sex With Student]

[Trainer Treated Athlete To Oral Sex, Police Allege]

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