This Is What A Female College Beach Volleyball Player Would Look Like


What would a female college beach volleyball player look like?

With Leather found ESPN’s Page 2 asking that question and the NCAA freaking out over whether the ladies would wear bikinis.

“If you were to knock on some administrators’ doors and tell them that their prospective female sand volleyball team would be playing in bikinis, it would be like, ‘OK’ then ‘buh-bye.’ End of discussion. It’s not happening.”

Ease up NCAA. Your women are already wearing school logos to compete in the National Collegiate Beach Volleyball Tournament and have been looking pretty damn good in the process.


It’s true the ladies don’t get the opportunity to wear bikinis, but being the understanding men we are, the sports bra and short shorts will have to do.

The Collegiate Nationals is held in April on some beautiful California beach.

In 2008 it was the University of Texas who won the title over USC in a classic tilt. Now, this volleyball tournament isn’t regulated by the NCAA so they will likely ignore the fact that these women don’t seem to be uncomfortable with the following outfits.

It’s nothing different than they would wear at the student rec. center where a guy can see way more than this. We know.

Alumni get that discount and BC takes full advantage.


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The legendary Nebraska volleyball program sent some ladies to the Collegiate.







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