The Afternoon Dump: Some Hilarious Pictures, 100-0 Isn’t Nice, Some Hot Wives Of Tennis Players, 15 Pictures You Shouldn’t Be Jealous Of, Hot Women, Movies Not To Own


What is this snake going for?

Did anyone else watch that Purdue game yesterday? I figured you did but I thought I would just bring it up. I really think Westbrook, their supposably awesome point guard, pushed off and held like none other. No worries though, the ref’s never saw that just like they didn’t see our player get slammed and then just fall to the floor and yell in pain. Some horrible calls but either way, we won.

Boiler Up!

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

I had to put this up on the Afternoon Dump just because the shirts are hilarious [Holy Taco]

A high school team won 100-0, I hate this team [ESPN Video]

So apparently I look like I am 22, score [How Old Are You?]

Tennis players have hot wives, seriously [Fan IQ]

The Sports Show-Episode 5 [The Sports Point]

8 racist words that you probably didn’t know were racist [Cracked]

It is just time to watch beach volleyball [Co-Ed Magazine]

15 pictures that certain kind of people may actually like [uncoached]

David Beckham may be leaving, such a long stay he had [Sports Crackle Pop]

How good at beer pong are you? [Tasty Booze]

A hot Greek babe (could be NSFW) [on 205th]

You better not have any of these movies [Next Round]

Ticketmaster is just screwing us all over [Brahsome]

Hayden just seems to be wrong about a lot now [Celebslam]

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