Multiple Celeb-Gasms: Steve Levy Works The Ladies, Jay Glazer Shirtless/Drunk? And Erin Andrews’ Wet Rump



We’ve been waiting all week to empty out the email inbox and this afternoon seems to be the perfect time.

There is no rhyme or reason for the following photos other to show that sports celebrities are just like the rest of us.

They drink. Hang on women. And have a wet ass here and there. (Not a single photo seen here is current, and we don’t care.)

Once again Steve Levy pops up as our headliner. Screw drinking with Dana Jacobson.  We want to hang with Levy.


The thing that is amazing about Levy is that he’s a marginal ESPN personality. No radio. He won’t go to Tampa for the Super Bowl. SportsCenter is his gig. And women still recognize and desire him.

We also came across a photo of Jay Glazer at some bash where he’s doing his usual thing.

And Friday is finished off with the wet ass of Erin Andrews last summer for the taping of ESPN’s Titletown.

BC will be around throughout the weekend.

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