Daily Dump: Bonaduce-Canseco Boxing, Aussie Open Fans Have Chair Fight, Super Bowl Buffalo Wing Shortage, Over/Under The Super Bowl Anthem, Minka Kelly Works It Out And Vegas Escort Idol


The look of a woman who is too much for this blogger to handle.

Down goes Ivanovic!

Just watched it live. That kind of grunting at 6:30 a.m. EST is a pretty cool way to open the morning. Haven’t even made breakfast yet and a chick is moaning into the TV.

That is livin’.

So it’s Affliction weekend. But wait, there is competition for the Fedor fight. Bonaduce-Canseco in Aston, Pa.

A Jose win could help him on that journey to Cooperstown. Or not.

Today’s Dump:

Aussie Open fans get crazy, start throwing chairs [Sharapova’s Thigh]

NOOOO! A buffalo wing shortage for the SB [The World of Isaac]

Feeling really degenerative for the SB, bet O/U on anthem [Stock Lemon]

10 Reasons why the Steelers can’t lose the SB [Five Tool Tool]

This is nuts: 2009 fantasy football packages in Aruba already available [Travelin’ Light]

18 NBA Salaries Obama Needs To Freeze [Cuzoogle]

Remembering the good days of Bob Knight’s TV shows [Rumors and Rants]

Where are they now: Marcus Fizer followed money to Spain [VentAboutSports]

That was a pretty cool double alley-oop [FanIQ/100%Injury Rate]

This guy builds thumb tack mural of Cal Ripken [Deuce of Davenport]

When Roger Clemens decided to wear this shirt [Don Chavez]

If t-shirts told the truth [Holy Taco]

How not to be a drug dealer [Next Round]

Math formula proves women shouldn’t have sex on first date [Asylum]

Today’s Tail:

Vegas Escort Idol [Coed]

A primer for upcoming Miss America contest [Gunaxin]

Um, that would be Minka Kelly and an exercise ball [on205th]

Stay busy with this link dump, horny freaks  [Uncoached]

More of Wayne Rooney’s wife rocking red bikini [CelebSlam]

Jodie Marsh and balloons a total mess [The Daily Fix]

Kristy Ann is your typical bleached blonde [GorillaMask]

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