You Won’t Be Naked While Watching Lingerie Bowl Live, Says Caliente Resort Receptionist

There was a question going through our heads over the last few days.

Hypothetically, if we were to attend the Lingerie Bowl at the Caliente Nudist Resort, would it be possible to be naked and watch the game at the same time.

Here was the reasoning: tan lines. Hate ’em.

So the obvious thought was, “Call Caliente and find out exactly when and where we can be naked during the Super Bowl fun.”

Being the responsible bloggers we are, a phone call was placed and Anastasia, working this morning, had our answers.

After a few brief moments navigating the Caliente Resort phone system and wondering what the hell we were doing calling a nudist colony at 7:30 a.m. on a Thursday, our nerves were calmed excited by the voice of a receptionist.

BC: Um, yeah, we were thinking of coming down for the Lingerie Bowl and wondered if the game was clothing optional.

Anastasia: During the game you’ll have to be fully clothed, but the after party is clothing optional.

BC: We were also thinking of coming to the Dennis Rodman Super Bowl Party. Would that be clothing optional?

Anastasia: Yes, that will be clothing optional.

BC: Well, we just wanted to get all the facts.

Click….. Weird.

Here’s what we just learned this morning:

• For $250, you might get to see Dennis Rodman’s dong in person (for the ladies).

• Watching the Lingerie Bowl with shorts on is a smart idea.

• Attending the after party and getting naked isn’t a much better idea.

• Calling a nudist resort is a surreal moment in a guy’s life.

• Was Anastasia naked while we were talking to her?

Sacha Wood, just one of the ladies you can see at the Lingerie Bowl, is a defensive lineman for the Miami Caliente and it seems she’ll be there to take on the Tampa Breeze.
Shorts….don’t our  forget shorts.

Sacha Wood Lingerie Football