Lunchtime Lust: Amber Lee Ettinger Is Obama Girl
Amber Lee Ettinger – See more hot women

We’ve teamed with the folks at Chickipedia to bring you a great way to spend your lunch hour. This waste of time is called “Lunchtime Lust” and will feature a hot chick each day at noon EST.

From The Amber Lee Ettinger File:

Birth Class: ’81

From: Hazelton, Pa. (the armpit of America)

Famous Quote: “My passion for performing began at an early age.”

Vices: Ice Cream

Hobbies: Intimate apparel, performing, travel

Amber is better known on the political circuit as the Obama Girl.

Her career started just like many other successful women – as a Hawaiian Tropic model. It’s amazing what a tanning lotion company can mean to a woman’s bottom line.

Anyway, Ms. Ettinger is still getting work and has 4-8 years before this celebrity status comes to a close.

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