Laker Girls Show Asians How To Shake It


It has been extremely quiet on the Lakers Girl front this NBA season.

No player-dancer dating drama that BC knows of. The website is lame. No calendar shoot photos.

Nada on the “she has cool Facebook photos” front. Actually, we could use some good Sacramento Kings dancer photo leaks.

About as cool as it gets are the Laker ladies attending some Asian expo. It’s January and this is the first time the team has appeared on this site during the 2008-2009 season.

That is a problem. Please, if you recently broke up with a Lakers Girl and would like to see her private photos posted on BC, look us up. The 2009 NBA season can’t end without one huge dancer scandal.

laker_girls_2009_9 laker_girls_2009_8 laker_girls_2009_7

laker_girls_2009_6 laker_girls_2009_5 laker_girls_2009_4

laker_girls_2009_3 laker_girls_2009_2 laker_girls_2009_1

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