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Daily Dump: MMA Ring-Girl-Rama, NJIT Gets A Victory, Ice Skating Boob Video, Jeff Reed’s Hair Is Out Of Control, Betting The Super Bowl Coin Toss And Marisa Miller Hits Water With Selita


Keeping our Mexican readers happy with some Alena.

We wake up to the good news scrolling across the ESPN ticker that Larry Johnson faces two trials that involve women and himself being an idiot.

In one case he spit drinks on a chick. So the police say.

Spitting drinks on a woman is simple assault? We figure Larry had no idea, so he’ll get 8 hours community service and probation.

Any of you worn out after the Vitale suckoff at UNC last night?

Down goes Wake. Like a team was going to run the table.

Today’s Dump:

MMA Ring-Girl-Rama [Coed]

NJIT basketball team now 1-51 over last 52 [VentAboutSports]

Ice skating boob slip now with video [AfroJacks]

The chicks in Tampa are going to dig Jeff Reed’s hair [This Is God Given]

Going to bet the SB coin toss? Read up, chief [Stock Lemon]

What the Rivals 100 map says about college football [Dr. Saturday]

The Dioner Navarro bobblehead with A-Rod lips [Bugs & Cranks]

Nice guy Rod Marinelli shows his true colors [World of Isaac]

Oh, hold on, Rod just apologized [Detroit News]

Soccer news: Wayne Rooney’s wife in bikini [Epic Carnival]

You MySpace Toolbox fix is in [Uncoached]

Attn: Ohio State Students: Get served by Jessie, tonight [Blog on the Run]

10 best retro Star Wars commercials [Manofest]

George Bush doodles during Obama speech [Holy Taco]

Obamas juggle balls [Blog of Hilarity]

Today’s Tail:

Marisa Miller and Selita hit the beach and water [CamelTap]

Gwyneth Paltrow boob pops out while talking to Joaquin [The Daily Fix]

Somehow Christie Brinkley is still one of the hottest [on205th]

Paris Hilton, rich, still takes 30 bags of freebies from Sundance [CelebSlam]

Heather Graham brings cleavage to Obabma ball [Don Chavez]

Popular female sexual fantasies from a chick blogger [FListed]

Lucia should keep you busy at work [MoonDogSports]

These regular Janes should keep you busy, too [HGOM]

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