Blogger Celebrates Erin Andrews' ESPN 5-Year Anniversary With Look Into Diary


Yesterday was the reveal of the Erin Andrews 750 Photo Shrine by Mr. SEC and his shared server was promptly obliterated by Jimmy ‘Mr. Pageviews” Traina traffic. The gallery has since been pulled and life goes on.

Then we get an emailed link to this post by Kornheiser’s Cartel detailing a (fictional!) day in the life of Erin Andrews with such hits as…

6 a.m.- My phone is ringing. Who could be calling at this hour? All I hear is heavy breathing. Not again. Bruce!


If that didn’t make you laugh, in a mean way, this might.

1:45 p.m. – I check Jenn Sterger’s Twitter and see that she just got on a plane. I hope they hit a flock pigeons and are nowhere near the Hudson River…

And what is going on pregame?

6:45 p.m. – After my constant demands requests, they finally got me looking like the filly I really am. Spandex pants and a small sweater (I’m a large).

Bed time?

11:59 p.m. – I finally get home after a long day and what do I see? Kirk in my bed with his Tebow jersey on. I love my life.

That would be Herbstriet.

Truly one of the great comedic pieces for this third week of January, 2009.

[A Day In The Life: Erin Andrews]

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