When A Blonde Backs Caboose Into Scott Van Pelt

We’re really emptying out the reader photo submissions since there is very little football news to follow.

Soon, every single ESPN employee will converge on Tampa where the women will drop their pants and flock to be next to America’s most well-known media celebrities. (See: Michael Wilbon)


Ladies, Scott Van Pelt should be on your Super Bowl radar.

We really like this Van Pelt character. He rants about bitchy bloggers, doesn’t mind being a quirky SportsCenter host and his radio program deserves more time, not less as just became the case.

And there is a good chance he’ll be hitting up the bars in Ybor City where ladies, if they are smart, will enjoy some photo moments with the WWL celeb.

If Tampa chicks are anything like those along the Delaware shore (above), there might be some magical photos coming out of this year’s Super Bowl.

Just be careful if you give him the cell number.


An example of what Van Pelt can expect from the women of Tampa. Attention.