The Afternoon Dump: Watch Your Mouth, Tiger Has Competition, An Awesome $1Million Dollar Idea, Lost Is Back, Missile Launcher Is Required, Girls In Bikinis


Could you imagine playing against?

So since nothing really happened in sports yesterday than I will tell you about Xbox Customer Support. My Xbox 360 decided to give me one red light 15 days after my warranty gave out so now Xbox wants me to pay $100 to get it fixed. It is nothing on my part since I don’t ever do anything wrong to it. It may just be easier to get a PS3 since they never really have problems, well not like the Xbox 360. Email me your links:

Have a good day. Oh and go check out the AskMen Top 99 Women.

Afternoon Dump

Watch out fans, your words may cause your team a price [Rumors and Rants]

Watch out Tiger, a 17 year old is working his way up [Steady Burn]

Well this is a different kind of sign [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

I hope I win a promotion like this [Vent About Sports]

Mike Tyson only has one thing on his mind [Sports Crackle Pop]

That horrible show that makes no sense, Lost, will be on tonight [Brahsome]

Stars always seem to go away, like Brad [uncoached]

It never hurts to learn from the eyes of others [This is Illuminati]

Everyone needs a missile launcher and mini-sub [Tasty Booze]

Maybe we all shouldn’t wear deodorant? [on 205th]

Here is today’s Co-Ed [Co-ed Magazine]

Watch basketball over Lost [Next Round]

Nothing wrong with girls in bikini’s to wrestle (could be NSFW) [Epic Carnival]

Look at her creative dress [Celebslam]