Daily Dump: NBA Mid-Season Report Cards Via Chicks, Rams Spagnuolo Brings Hot Wife, Dodgers’ Tix Will Break You, U.S.T.&A. And Canadian Export Ms. Beauchamp

German Broadcaster Tina

If only all hot broadcasters would do FHM photo shoots.

Bruce Pearl wore his orange coat to Nashville. Yawn.

There was NBA on. Yawn, again. Some foreign chicks played tennis. Nice for 10 minutes.

Ohio State got killed in Champaign. ZZZZZ.

Two teams prepare for a Super Bowl 2 weeks out. Wake us up on media day.

Simply put, yesterday wasn’t very good for sports.

Today’s Dump:

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Today’s Tail:

U.S.T.&A bikinis gives us reason to believe [Coed]

Nicole McLean’s boobs on display to sell stuff [on205th]

Paul Walker’s chick much hotter than him [CelebSlam]

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Lily Allen sends nude photo to wrong guy [FListed]

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Maxim Ukraine continues to amaze us [CamelTap]

Riley pretty damn talented with camera in her hand [HGOM]