The Afternoon Dump: Obama This and Obama That, Patriots Want Fame, Bikini In The Ocean, Eddie Murphy Still Alive, An Unsafe Work Environment


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White is her favorite color on Inauguration Day?

I watched the Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night. It was pretty good just really long. It was 2 hours and 43 minutes long. I like the idea of the movie even thought it was really slow.

The temperature here today is above zero, oh yes, be jealous.

We have a new President now, in case you didn’t know.

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Afternoon Dump

How would Obama change sports? [The Big Picture]

Barack Obama sports trivia [The World of Isaac]

A new ad out in the advertising world [Sports Crackle Pop]

The Patriots always have to have their name in there [Vent About Sports]

The kiss of death [Celebslam]

It is bikini time well on the ocean [Brahsome]

Eddie Murphy can still get what he wants when he wants [on 205th]

The greatest Tennessee Marijuana scandal is something you have to see [uncoached]

This is why everyone gets sick, well if he falls [Tasty Booze]

9 looks a dude should never even attempt [Next Round]

Florida State wins so you laugh? interesting [Mr. Irrelevant]

You want a barf bag for those chicken nuggets? [Epic Carnival]

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