Play The "Match ESPN Personality To His Drink Of Choice" Game


Just when we figured the legend of Steve Levy was finished, this photo finds its way into our lives.

Here we have Berman, Melrose, Saunders and ringleader Levy ‘in Vegas’ according to the source of this shot.

No timestamp on this beauty and it doesn’t even matter as we prepare BC readers for “Match ESPN Personality To His Drink Of Choice,” game.

Yes, it seems there are more than four alcoholic drinks on that table. We figure the woman is responsible for some of this debauchery. Plan accordingly.

Our guesses after the jump…


There seems to be a shot glass in front of the wine. That might be a doubleshot with Levy’s name on it.

There is something about Melrose that says martini to us. Maybe it’s the chick hair or the years spent living in Hollywood.

Saunders, about as white as they come at ESPN, is your likely water drinker just because the other 3 (plus the drunk lady) aren’t the types to not be drinking.

By the way, we’re doing photo analysis on that brown spot below Levy’s knee.

*Bonus totally unrelated Berman bar shot…notice the strategic hand placement.


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