Anna Kournikova Hiding A Baby In That Oven?



Is this the biggest WAG news of 2009?

Yeah, it’s so early, though.

Anna Kournikova might be, could be, (is?) pregnant, says just about every single gossip blogger who has published the infamous possibly pregnant photos.

That’s just half the drama. Will the couple wed? Time for more speculation.

The media have been reporting about Iglesias and Kournikova, once that they broke up and then that they are planning a wedding.

But if the photographs in which Ana is wearing a wide dress are to be believed, the 27-year-old former tennis player is expecting her first child.


And people are acting shocked over two adults who happen to be insanely gorgeous (well, she is) getting down to business.


Usually clad in a bikini and shorts, Anna chose to wear a loose fitting top as she went sailing with her man Enrique Iglesias and a few friends last Monday (January 11).

There you go. Any time Anna doesn’t wear a bikini it should raise red flags. No shorts? TWINS!

Anna happens to be 27. Time to start popping out little Iglesias’. No?

The thought of this body (seen below, man raping Enrique in 2004) stretching makes us miss the old days.

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