The Afternoon Dump: Yahoo! Has The Answers, Multiple Wins For A QB, 15 Funny Homeless Signs, Awesome Super Bowl Ads, Obama And Ladies, She Is A Stealer





Casey, will you let me go to the ocean with you?

I am a little upset right now. I am playing in a online dynasty on NCAA ’09 with a couple of buddies of mine and I just lost my game. I was winning 17-14 with 10 seconds to go. I was on the goal line about to score but then my running back decided to fumble it, so they returned it for 98 yards to win the game. How dumb.

Cards-Steelers, didn’t see that one coming. I want the Cards but the Steelers will probably win.

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Afternoon Dump

Yahoo! Answers can tell you if your son is gay too [Holy Taco]

Where did this college athlete go? [Vent About Sports]

One of these Quarterbacks will be added to the list of multiple Super Bowl Wins [Co-Ed Magazine]

Look at the top movies in America, seems like we are getting ‘dumber’ [Celebslam]

15 funny signs that the homeless have made [uncoached]

If you are obsessed with Megan Fox, then here ya go [on 205th]

Greatest moments when the President speaks [Next Round]

Some of the best Super Bowl ads of the era [Machochip]

Obama knows how to get the ladies [Epic Carnival]

This girl may just steal your heart [Celebridiot]

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