God Releases Only Known Tebow-Arm-In-Sling-With-College-Coed Photo

 What, no more graphic shirts? Now going with The North Face.

Since Tim Tebow is such a huge celebrity in Gainesville, we come across all sorts of shots where God succumbs to the photo requests.

He gives his time like that.

Take the above shot, which we believe is the only known photo of Tebow post-shoulder surgery and a coed.

And after Saturday night there might not be another chance to see Tebow wearing the infamous sling. He ripped it off during a halftime speech at the Florida-Arkansas basketball game.

“Don’t worry about this. I’ll be fine,” Tebow said as he pulled off the sling.

So Benny Hinn of Him.

(Drops us to our knees….pray….repeat….thank your Lord…)

Yeah, Tebow and the chick after the jump.

The Tebow lovefest train continued as his teammates heaped more praise on the legend.

“I think we proved who should have won the Heisman this year,” receiver David Nelson said.

Well, David, it just wasnt’ to be or God would have made those stupid writers vote for Him.

God has to be fair to all of His followers.

///Can’t wait for Tebow to meet with Kurt Warner during Super Bowl week.

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