Daily Dump: Kate Beckinsale Gets Monday Started, Lions’ Season Ticket Town Hall Meeting, Super Bowl WAGs, Gisele Back To Work, Rachel Glandorf In Playboy Please And 2009’s Sexiest Women



A reason to have a study: so Kate Beckinsale will do this when she comes over.

Two for two yesterday.

There comes a point when a team goes on the road one too many times and that happened for both road teams yesterday. For some crazy reason we actually think Arizona can beat Pittsburgh.

Let’s just get this out there. Kurt Warner.

Just when you think this Jesus freak is going to crumble and go home to his wacko wife, he goes on a run for his third Super Bowl.

One thing we didn’t hear yesterday: “God must not have wanted us to go to the Super Bowl.”

Why is it God was only on the side of the winning team? Doesn’t He love all equally?

Today’s Dump:

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Or this one [FListed]

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