Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader And Steelers’ Fan Father To Brave Idiots At AFC Championship Game


If you see this woman tonight at Heinz Field with a guy who looks like her sugar daddy, don’t start any shenanigans with the old guy.

He’s really her daddy (from West Virginia) and plans on handing out some beatdowns if any of you Steeler punks want to start problems because she’s a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader.

“I hope we don’t get in a fight up there. But if we do I gaurentee (SIC) big daddy will win,” dad told an Ohio TV station.

See, Jaime A. is originally from West Virginia and grew up a Steelers fan. But now she stands to visit the Super Bowl with a Baltimore victory.

It’s a major dilema for this 20-something, 4-year vet and captain of the cheerleading team.

“It’s a win, win for me either way. Being from this area you’re a Steelers fan growing up. Since I’ve moved to Baltimore and now cheer there, I’ve been watching this team do well this year,” Jaime A. told the station.

Um, no, it’s not a win-win situation.

Let’s see here…

Ravens win…trip to the Super Bowl where the chances of meeting dreamboat Chris Berman are very high.


Steelers win…sit at home in Baltimore thinking how ridiculously stupid it was to be content with sitting at home rooting for the Steelers.

Just more proof that no matter how brilliant cheerleaders want you to think they are, sometimes their decision making leads to scratching our balding heads.

[Local Cheerleader Turned Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader]

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