Marisa Miller Talks Boxing, Grocery Shopping, Doing Laundry And What Is Sexy With FHM Australia


Just when you think the legend that is Marisa Miller can’t get any better, the infamous baseball first pitch tosser chats with FHM Australia and makes our jaws drop.

She likes doing laundry and grocery shopping? Our minds instantly race with dirty, sexual thoughts.

Just think of asking her to go on a beer run while the AFC Championship is on. She wouldn’t mind. Marisa loves domestic chores.

You wouldn’t even feel guilty like normal around your girlfriend/wife.

Listen up ladies. This should be a lesson to all of you. If Marisa likes such jobs as cleaning crap stained underwear and vomit covered Chinos, you can too.

[FHM Austalia]

marisa_miller_bikini_2009_1.jpg marisa_miller_bikini_2009_5.jpg marisa_miller_bikini_2009_3.jpg marisa_miller_bikini_2009_2.jpg

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