The Afternoon Dump: Kobe In China, Barry Bonds Making A Come Back, 7 Scary Images When Your A Kid, Dirty Girls, The Next Awesome Capital One Card


We need to be warmed up by her

Two days in a row with sub-zero temperatures. Of course we had class. I mean you only have to be outside for 10 minutes with this weather to get frost bite, but thats not important. Even ESPN2 announcers yesterday said “it’s unsafe to be outside.” The reason he said this was because Purdue was playing Northwestern and Northwestern is about 2 hours away from Purdue.

Oh and if you didn’t catch the game last night, Purdue won. It was close, 63-61. They were trailing by about 12 with six minutes to go then went on a 18-5 run. Have to love the Boilers! Boiler Up!

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Afternoon Dump

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