Ole Miss Coach Andy Kennedy’s Wife Claims Sex Life ‘Harmed’ Over Cincy Racial Incident


When an Arab prevents a husband from bedding his wife.

Ole Miss basketball coach Andy Kennedy is having trouble boning his wife, reports Friends of the Program.

There, we got that out of the way.

This lack of sex is a result of the Kennedy racial incident in Cincinnati back in December, says the coach’s wife (Kimber, not kidding).

And now she is suing the taxi driver and valet that her husband is accused of assaulting for her husband’s lack of sexual drive.


 There is Kimber and the sex-less Kennedy.

So here is how this goes down. The cabbie presses charges, the Kennedy family counters with lawsuits to tie up the courts and go out on a limb with the lack of sex suit.

The basketball coach sued Jiddou and valet Michael Strother for defamation the day after his arrest, and Kimber Kennedy filed a lack of consortium suit Dec. 22 against the pair.

Honestly, we’d probably not play the “lack of sex” card so early. It’s still basketball season and fans won’t forget this one.

Then, you also open yourself to the press.

“Um, Andy, do you think the lack of sex with your wife has affected your coaching during this six-game losing streak?”

Yeah, this one isn’t going to be pretty for the Kennedy’s.

We’ve pegged Kimber as being about 43 from this 1985 high school reunion page. That women above also has two kids. Being charged with assault wouldn’t prevent us from late night sex with Kimber. Sorry, Andy.

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