IT'S ON! Miami Vs. Tampa Lingerie Bowl VI To Be Held At Florida Nudist Resort


Members of the Caliente get limber before tackling drills.

Just when you think it’s impossible for there to be any more stories about the Lingerie Football League, the Tampa newspapers make up news.

Take the story breaking today out of the Sunshine State where local media is reporting that the barely dressed football players will hold Lingerie Bowl VI at….a nudist resort.


The Caliente Resort is clothing optional, which means you can be dressed, drinking overpriced vodka, watch women in lingerie throw around a football and every now and then glance at the pool where some dumpy European woman is playing volleyball.


 Miami Caliente practices are known as some of the toughest in the LFL.

A weekend stay at Caliente will only cost you $594.

That’s Friday-Monday.The resort is promising you plenty of fun.

“This season will be the first in Super Bowl’s backyard transforming Caliente Resort into a ‘Mardi Gras meets Super Bowl-like setting’ for football fans,” the company said.

Oh, so what you are saying is that women who are already/possibly naked will have beads thrown at them by adoring middle-aged insurance salesmen whose wives think they are really out watching sports at Hooters.

Sounds great.

Lingerie Bowl tickets will obviously cost you extra. So to break it all down, you can spend a Super Bowl weekend (in a bad economy) at a nudist resort where you won’t be getting any or stay home and watch the game for free and get on the Internet to look at porn.

The choice is yours.

Sidenote: Melissa Jo Berry, the chick with the nude photos floating around, plays for Tampa. Irony? BC and the Tampa media will be following this story.


The ladies who’ll represent Tampa going over their 4-3 scheme.