Former Bikini Model Melanie Collins Is Now Broadcasting Into Your Living Room Via NBA TV


Who says blogs can’t bring you real news?

Busted Coverage brought you the world exclusive last month that NBA TV was about to get much more sexier with the hiring of former Tempe12 bikini model and Penn State grad Melanie Collins.

Now there is actual visual and audio proof of Collins gaining experience before what we expect will be a sideline career.

One of her first assignments – talk to some writer about what’s going on with the D-League.

Yeah, not exactly like asking Shaq about his Twittering.

Collins, not even a year removed from college, seems destined for big things in TV.

Our Indian researchers have yet to pinpoint Collins’ age but she is all alone in the high profile job “Hot Broadcasters Under 25” category.

We’re begging NBA TV to send her to the all star game. It’s in Phoenix. Maybe a poolside chat. With NBA dancers.