Daily Dump: 32 Reasons To Watch Friday Night Lights, Ashley Madison Will Not Advertise During Super Bowl, David Feherty Chats, Nastia Liukin Magazine Spread, 55 Knock You On Your Ass Beers And Kendra Wilkinson Trash Talks Hef


Busted Coverage favorite Jillian Beyor for Ego Russia. 

Luckily whatever put us down yesterday was a one day issue and it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

We hadn’t missed a day in about 3 weeks so it was about time to chill for 24 hours and get healthy.

While spending the day on the couch BC caught the Mark Sanchez where the QB said he prayed to God to tell him whether to go to the NFL.

Since when did God make such decisions for people. Does God know what $25 million buys these days?

Can God possibly know how cool it is to be able to tell the ladies you’re a pro QB?

When Sanchez fizzles out in the league, will he say God gave him bad advice?

Today’s Dump:

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Today’s Tail: 

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